Buslink Helps Drive a New School of Fish

Girl Smiling And Holding A Fish

There’s more to fishing than just popping on some bait and dropping a line in the water, says Palmerston Game Fishing Club Junior Angler Education Clinic coordinator Peta Smart.

More than 100 kids learnt the ins and outs of fishing when they were transported to the Humpty Doo Barra Farm by Buslink for this year’s event.

Mrs Smart said event gave the kids, aged between four to 15-years-old, the chance to experience fishing on a Barra farm and have their minds exposed to fishing awareness and education by experts they wouldn’t be able to find in a classroom.

Girl On Banks Fishing

“This day belongs to the kids,” she said.

She said there were many lasting effects a good day of fishing could have on children.

“It creates a lifetime of learning, amazing experiences out on the water, memories that will last for as long as they live, an opportunity to learn new skills, promote safety awareness in both land and boat fishing and it engages kids better on a social level,” she said.

Mrs Smart said the club was founded in 1991 by 10 like-minded fishermen and over the years had grown into the high-profile and well-respected club it is today.

“We have a strong family focus and encourage family fishing and education of our junior anglers in safe and enjoyable fishing practices,” she said.

The clinic, which was held on Saturday July 17, was first launched in 2004 and aims to give 100 kids between eight and 15 an introduction to angling. Barra trauma, correct handling of fish, storage, operation of EPIRB, orange and red smoke signal flares, casting techniques, being croc-wise, knot tying and looking after and protecting fish stocks were part of the event’s education. Mrs Smart said she joined the club in 2013, wanting her children to grow up with the same experiences she did. “Growing up in Darwin, I spent many weekends away fishing and camping as a kid, so it was only natural that when my husband and I had children of our own that we would want the same life experiences for our children,” she said.

Kids Are Playing Orange And Red Smoke Signal Flares

She said she enjoyed being involved in monthly club meetings with like-minded fishos that involved opportunities to fish in places that some people could only ever dream of.

“We have made many great friends along the way and feel that we have contributed to the fishing community in many satisfying ways, such as our long-term involvement with the clinic.”

Mrs Smart thanked Buslink for their involvement in the event.

“Buslink have been a major sponsor of this event, supporting the Palmerston Game Fishing Club for many years now,” she said.

“We particularly would like to send a massive shout-out to the following Buslink employees – Angelo Tsipetos, Michelle Collins, Linda Wickens and Ross Robertson for donating their time, and supporting us by transporting all of our junior anglers and their parents from the club to the farm.” In addition to the clinic, the club organises the Barra Nationals, SWB Barra Challenge and the Corroboree Park Challenge.