School Info

School bus services are a safe and reliable way for students to travel. CDC Northern Territory operates a range of regular routes and dedicated school bus services to serve students every school day. Northern Territory students travelling free of charge on designated school buses is a benefit provided by the Northern Territory Government.

Primary or secondary students must show their student ID card with:

  • your photo
  • your Australian institution’s registered name
  • expiry dates

Road Safety and Buses

Parents and carers should read road safety and buses and rules for catching a school bus. All Northern Territory primary, middle and senior school students can use the school bus network to travel to and from school. All students travelling on a school bus must follow the code of conduct.

Rules outlined in the code of conduct include:

  • Parents and carers are not allowed to travel on school buses
  • If you are a parent or carer, you must ensure your child can travel alone on school buses
  • Children should be able to identify their own bus stop or drop-off location before they are allowed to travel on the bus
  • It also includes rules and information for bus operators and drivers
  • If you’re a parent or a carer, you should discuss the code with your child so they clearly understand what they should and should not do when travelling on a school bus

To help get your child safely to and from school, all parents and caregivers are encouraged to use the checklist below.

  • Ensure your child can travel independently
  • Practise walking your child to and from their bus stop before getting on
  • Ensure your child stays back from the road and waits until the bus stops before getting on
  • Ensure your child waits until the bus leaves before crossing the road
  • Discuss what to do if your child misses their stop: stay on the bus and tell the driver, don’t get off at the next stop
  • Discuss backup travel plans in case weather conditions stop bus timetables or routes

Getting the Kids Safely to and From School – A Must-Watch Video

Parents and guardians, we encourage you to watch this educational video with your children, to help them to understand the importance of safety and courteous behaviour in and around school buses.

Video courtesy of Bus Association Victoria


For general bus enquiries or feedback call 08 8924 7666, Monday to Friday, 6:45am to 4:30pm, or email .